About Beezie...

Be Crowned Productions is Founded by Beezie Chapman.  Beezie's interest in pageantry began early on as a model in the fashion industry. She was always intrigued with pageantry but finding the love of her life and raising her family of three children put her interests on hold until her daughters, Ellen and Sarah, became involved in pageantry for scholarship money. Her daughters have won numerous titles which gave them  money for college and multiple opportunities to serve their community  through volunteer and charity work. Both of her daughters are most notable for winning Miss California USA 2004 and Miss Nevada USA 2011.  After seeing the benefits that pageantry provides such as interview skills, community service opportunities, modeling, scholarships, poise and confidence, this sparked an interest for Beezie to found and direct Miss Pacific Coast Pageant and bring the world of pageantry to other girls in California and now, Nevada!

Coaching Hall of Fame Winners (** indicates State or National Winner)

**Miss National Sweetheart 2019 (Jane Kennedy)

Miss Marin MAO 2019 (Jane Kennedy) 1st Runner-Up Miss California MAO 2019

**Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2019 (Kaylee Brooke McCollum) 3rd Runner-Up at Miss Teen USA 2019

Miss Bel Air Teen USA 2019 (Jocelyn Min) 2nd Runner-Up at Miss California Teen USA 2019

Miss Los Gatos Teen USA 2019 (Avery Lofquist)

Miss Yosemite Valley MAO 2018 (Jane Kennedy) 4th Runner-Up Miss California MAO 2018

Miss Los Gatos Teen USA 2018 (Milan Millard) Top 15 at Miss California Teen USA 2019

**National All-American Miss 2018 (Serena Sammons)

Miss Bay Area 2017 MAO (Jane Kennedy)

**Miss California USA 2017 (India Williams) Top 10 at Miss USA 2017

Miss Santa Monica USA 2017 (India Williams)
Miss Fresno County Outstanding Teen 2016 (Jacqueline Trafton)
Miss Los Angeles County Outstanding Teen 2016 (Olivia Jensen)
Miss Yosemite Valley 2016 MAO (Heidi Cheung) 4th Runner-Up at Miss California 2016 MAO
** Miss Hawaii Collegiate 2016 (Paige Knight) 2nd Runner-Up Miss Hawaii USA 2017
**Miss California Jr High School America 2016 (Halle Thompson)
Miss Greater Bay Area USA 2016 (Jayne Geist)
Miss San Joaquin County 2015 MAO (Katie Elson)
Miss San Francisco 2015 MAO (Felicia Stiles)
Miss Ventura County 2015 MAO (Jane Kennedy)
Miss Contra Costa County 2015 MAO (Angela Laird)

Miss Greater Bay Area USA 2015 (Gabby Deyi)

Miss Greater Bay Area Teen USA 2015 (Alexandra Dreschler)

**Miss California Teen USA 2014 (Bianca Vierra) 3rd Runner-Up MIss Teen USA 2014
Miss Northern Sierra USA 2014 (Savannah Ellison)
** Miss No. California Jr. Teen 2014, MAC Pageants (Katie Elson)
Miss East Bay Cities 2014, MAO (Felicia Styles)
**Miss California Teen National State Coed 2013, MAC Pageants (Joy Clark)
**Miss Northern CA Teen 2013, MAC Pageants (Ciara Mack)
**Miss Teenage California 2013 (Jordan Fowler)
Miss San Francisco 2013, MAO (Heidi Cheung)
Miss Solano County 2013, MAO (Angela Laird)
Miss Delta Valley 2013, MAO (Millie Grgas)
Miss San Joaquin County 2013, MAO ((Mackenzie Freed)
** MISS NEVADA TEEN USA 2013 (Amanda Jenkins)
Miss Silicon Valley Teen 2013, MAOT (Tiani Hernandez)
Miss Hispanidad International Teen 2012 (Savannah Palacio)
**Miss Teen California International 2013 (Jayne Geist)
**Miss California National American Miss Teen 2012 (Felicia Stiles)
**Miss California 2012, Miss American Coed Pageant (Joy Clark)
**Miss Teen California International 2012 (Amanda Jenkins)
**Miss California National American Miss 2011 (Kellie Henika)
**Miss California National American Miss Teen 2011 (Jordan Fowler)
**Miss California 2011-Miss America Organization (Noelle Freeman)
**Miss Teenage California 2011 (Bianca Vierrra)
** Miss California International Jr. Miss 2011 (Jenny Doss)
** MISS NEVADA USA 2011 (Sarah Chapman)
** National All-American Miss Teen 2010 (Allie Curtis)
**Miss California International Jr. Miss 2010 (Kellie Henika)
** Miss California National American Miss 2010 (Jenny Doss)
Miss Sacramento International 2009 (Erica Abke)
**Miss No. California Teen 2009 American Coed Pageants (Joy Clark)
Miss City of Orange 2009 MAO (Noelle Freeman)
** Junior Miss California International 2009 (Jayne Geist)
** America's Jr. National Teenager 2009 (Riana Cerceo)
**Miss California 2008 - Miss America Organization (Jackie Geist)
** Junior Miss Nor Cal Regional International 2008 (Jayne Geist)
** Miss World US-Teen National Pageant 2008 (Noelle Freeman)
** Miss Northern CA Teen 2008 American Coed Pageants (Kellie Henika)
**Miss Northern CA Junior Teen 2008 American Coed Pageants (Doris Pop)
**Miss California National American Miss Jr. Teen 2008 (Regina Fields)
**Miss Nevada National American Miss Jr. Teen 2008 (Riana Cerceo)
**Miss California National American Miss Pre-Teen 2007 (Jordan Fowler)
Miss Jr. Miss Sacramento Valley International 2007 (Jayne Geist)
Miss Gavilan Hills 2007 MAO (Jackie Geist)
**Miss Teen of the Nation 2006 (Caitlin Barrett)
**Miss No.CA Sweetheart 2006 American Coed Pageants (Lisa Bartholomew)
**Miss Teenage California 2006 (Caitlin Barrett)
**Miss California National Teenager 2006 (Caitlin Barrett)
**Miss Southern CA Teen 2005 American Coed Pageants (Caitlin Barrett)
**Miss No. California Pre-Teen 2005 American Coed Pageants (Riana Cerceo)
Miss Sonoma County 2005 MAO (Sarah Chapman)
** MISS CALIFORNIA USA 2004 (Ellen Chapman)
** Miss Teen of the Nation 2004 (Jackie Geist)
**Miss Teenage California 2004 (Erin Darling)
** Miss No. California Junior Teen 2004 American Coed Pageants (Kellie Henika)
Miss San Francisco Cities 2003 (Sherrie Yin)
**Miss California United States 2002 (Ellen Chapman)
**Miss California United States Teen 2002 (Sarah Chapman)
Miss San Francisco Cities United States 2002 (Ellen Chapman)
Miss Bay Area Teen United States 2002 (Sarah Chapman)
**Miss Teenage California 2001 (Ami Geist )
**Miss No. Ca. Junior Teen 2000 American Coed Pageant (Sarah Chapman)
**Miss Teenage California 1999 (Ellen Chapman)