About the Miss Pacific Coast Pageants

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 Miss Pacific Coast is a California pageant that focuses on empowering young women to achieve their personal and professional goals. Our Miss and Teen Winners will have many doors open to them and multiple opportunities to gain valuable life skills. They will volunteer in their community, promote our brand motto, "Because Nice Matters" to make a difference in the lives of others, participate in fashion shows and photo shoots and learn interview tips, as well as gain poise and self-confidence.  The Winners will receive $1000.00 CASH to be used for a state pageant entry fee, college expenses or to keep for other personal use. Plus, they will receive all our fabulous Sponsor Gifts. Miss Pacific Coast contestants are 18-27 years old and Teen contestants are 13-18 years old. Contestants must be an American Citizen, can be from any city in California and must be a California resident. 

Areas of Competition

-Personal 3 Minute Panel Interview

-Miss & Teen Lifestyle Fitness Presentation

-Formal Evening Gown Presentation

-Top Scoring Contestants Answer An Onstage Question

Each Competition Is Worth 33% Of Your Score

Optional Competitions (Not a required part of the competition)

-Talent Performances

-Inspirational Speech Competition

-​Miss Photogenic

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If you are ready to join our pageant Sisterhood, head over to our APPLY NOW pageant page and take the first step to enter towards your goal of becoming Miss Pacific Coast or Miss Pacific Coast Teen!

About the miss pacific coast 2019 pageant

Meet Miss Pacific Coast


Miss Pacific Coast is Monica Fisher! Monica is a 23 year old graduate of CSU Chico where she majored in Mechatronic Engineering and double minored in Computer Engineering and Communication Studies. She will continue and expand  her work in encouraging, exciting, and empowering young people, especially young girls, to go into STEM and non-traditional careers.  It is her goal, as an engineer, speaker, and education advocate to help young people find their calling. Monica's hobbies include dancing, choreographing, and directing shows for over 19 years,  print and runway modeling, and playing the clarinet and tenor saxophone.  During this year Monica will promote her platform of Brains Compliment Beauty along with our pageant motto, Because Nice Matters.

Meet Miss Pacific Coast Court


Our Miss Pacific Coast Court is:

1st Runner-Up- Shayla Washington

2nd Runner-Up- Kayla Burton

3rd Runner-Up- Jennafer McCaffery


Meet The Judges


Our Fabulous Judging Panel

Natalie Duvalsaint

Marizza Delgado

Alix Britt

Paige Knight

Meet Miss Pacific Coast Teen


Our new Miss Pacific Coast Teen is Jocelyn Min! Jocelyn is a 15 year old high school Junior. Jocelyn has been an honor student for 5 years and hopes to one day become a Pediatrician. She has been dancing for the past 9 years and has competed and won multiple awards for the past 7 years. She has been a Girl Scout for 7 years, plays the piano and guitar, enjoys skateboarding, swimming and upcycling clothes. Jocelyn's platform is to inspire the next generation to stand  up for themselves as she will promote our pageant motto, Because Nice Matters. 

Meet Miss Pacific Coast Teen Court


!st Runner-Up- Giselle Toth

2nd Runner-Up- Sabrina Lopez

3rd Runner-Up- Avery Lofquist



Young women uplifting other's success is a WIN for all! So proud of all these amazing ladies!

If you would like Monica and/or Jocelyn to make an appearance and speak or help at your special event, please email us at: